The History of Dentistry

It is very important for you to maintain oral health and hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist ensure you have healthy and great looking teeth. There are many ailments that take place on account of poor oral health and this is why you should be careful enough to take care of the oral health of your teeth so that you have no pain and discomfort.

Dentistry has evolved and come a very long way since its advent centuries ago. The origins of dentistry dates back to 7000 BC where you can find evidence of the Indus Valley Civilization of people getting their mouth treated for tooth decay. In the past, the first method of treatment of dental decays was with bow drills. These tools were ancient and primitive. They were mainly used for treating tooth problems and wood-working in those times.

A little ahead in 5000 BC, the Sumerians stated that tooth worms were the root cause of tooth decay. They said these worms made small holes in the tooth and hid inside. There were some doctors in the past that even mistook the nerves of the tooth as worms. They tried to yank them out and this of course caused intolerable pain to many. This idea of a worm travelling through your mouth and causing a hole lasted for some time till it was proved false in 1700.

Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about the treatment of decayed teeth in ancient Greece. They believed in having the tooth extracted to keep pain away. The practice of having a tooth extracted with forceps was used to treat several diseases in the middle ages.

The interesting part is that the professionals that were doing the extractions in the Middle Ages were not medical practitioners but barbers.  These barbers were partially trained hair cutters and they used the “Dental Pelican” in the 14th century. Later they used a Dental Key to extract teeth from the mouths of patients. These tools were the same as modern day forceps. The barbers of course were not full –time dentists however their work involved removing infected teeth to remove pain. They were not entrusted for preventive care or the alleviation of pain. These professionals were actually doing teeth extractions for a very long time.

It was during the middle of 1650 and 1800 that the concepts of what we think as modern dentistry began.  The man behind this move was the French Physician, Pierre Fauchard. He is known as the “Father of Modern Dentistry” and he was the mastermind behind many of the procedures that are still being used in society today. For example, he was the man behind the process of dental fillings in decayed teeth. He also went on to explain that sugar acids are a primary cause of tooth decay. This is a major contribution to the history of dentistry. It is from here that the rest is history. The first dental college was opened in 1840 and it was named the Baltimore College Of Dental Surgery. This invited more insight from the government and later regulation from the American Dental Association or ADA.

Dental Impression Tray

An introduction to what this thing is:

The Mgen dental impression tray is used to take the impressions of teeth for different purposes. There are different occasions that might lead a person to ask the dentist to take the impression of his teeth. For example if one needs to go for root canal and the teeth needs to be removed and replaced with a false one then the doctor needs to make a fake teeth for the person that will fit the arrangement of his set of teeth. In situations like these the impression of the tooth or the teeth is taken and artificial measures are taken to make a completely new tooth to replace the lost one.

This Mgen dental impression tray can be soft molds which when placed on the teeth takes the impression of the teeth. They can also be normal metal or plastic trays that vary in sizes; they come in various sizes and can be placed inside the mouth of the patient to understand which tray fits the constitution of his teeth setting. This will help the doctor analyze the kind of teeth he needs to make to replace the tooth or the teeth of the patient.

Kinds of trays available:

The kinds of Mgen dental impression tray available are of different sizes and different kinds. The different sizes allows the patients to choose the size that he thinks fits his teeth setting perfectly and also helps the dentist to decide which size will be perfect for his patient. These trays come in two different kinds too other than sizes. One of the kinds is called dentulous and the other kind of tray available is known as edentulous.

There is another kind of Mgen dental impression tray available which states the kind of material it is made up of. One of the trays available is made of metal which is hard in nature. The other kind of tray is made up of plastic which is actually disposable in nature and maybe even made up of nylon or even polystyrene. Most of the trays are made such that they fit perfectly in the mouth of the patient and help the dentist analyze whatever he wants to study about the inside build of the teeth.

Reason behind using this tray:

There are various reasons that would explain the purpose of using the Mgen dental impression tray on patients. The reasons vary from person to person. There are times when a patients needs to measure the setting of his teeth to make a set of fake teeth or to make braces that would cover the entire length of the teeth and hold the entire set together comfortably. Sometimes the doctors might just use this tray so that they can get the perfect measurement of a tooth and the teeth beside it so that he can make artificial teeth that will be needed when one has lost teeth or injured teeth.

The doctors also use this Mgen dental impression tray when he needs to take the impression of the entire set of teeth is he plans to remove the whole set of teeth for some problem or the other. During those times the doctor has to make a new set of teeth that will fit the person perfectly and will not make the patient feel uncomfortable. A perfect artificial set is mandatory and important in such cases and thus this is when the doctors prefer using this tray set for his patients.

Conclusion regarding the set of trays used by the doctor:

This set of trays used by a dentist has different purposes and different occasions. There is various different kind of Mgen dental impression tray available and a patient gets to select from all those options the kind of sets he wants, that is if he wants a metal set of tray or a plastic set of tray. The doctor based on the patient’s decision then decides whether a small set will fit him or a medium one or a large one. He gets to call the shots there based on what he feels will be perfect for his patient. They are very helpful for the patients and the doctors.